Saturday, December 16, 2006

this is queer, i'mcurrently sitting in this uncomfortable white plastic chair inside a super noisy gaming center / cafe. go figure, i'm supposed to be at THAT other cozy cafe but he insisted i stay here.. and that's how i roll :)

prelim exams for the second semester are so damn over and i am soooo elated. freedom freedom, more to come? this past term i've been such a mallrat, my feet hurt most of the fuckin' time, and more often than not, i'm broke. let me just say it this way, our house just doesn't seem too appealing. i'm in no mood to go home early, i'd rather be out. ma anu ko to malantaw 5th wheel kag mga soaps? teh mayu..

i am still sooo sleepy i hardly slept last night. we went to a friend's house and slept there (i even forgot to ask permission, curse me). i kept waking up in the middle of the um, morning because my three other bedmates were either groaning, snoring, grumbling, dropping something or um.. farting. that was funny. i did not get wasted ha, i'm a good girl after all.. am i not? i had fun anyways.

christmas is oh-so-near. i'm dead rotten meat baby. kill me now, kill me quick!

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Friday, October 27, 2006

mind you, i am alive. supposedly i should be enjoying the sand, the waves, or the malls.. okay i'm lying. maybe i should be just in bed right now dreaming or making my eyes go achy-breaky watching reruns on ETC. but guess what, i'm not doing any of those things and for this semestral break i agreed to do volunteer work. and before some lame first-aid thing gets in your head, let me clear this out. it's not boring!

university of st. la salle bacolod plays host yet again to the unigames 2006. about 40 schools are participating in sports such as basketball, volleyball, football, swimming, lawn tennis, table tennis, and taekwondo, among others. i'm in the media center where we keep the stats, interview and photograph players, chuva ek ek. okay, you know what i'm saying. hotties galore, anyone? :)

yesterday was our enrollment but i haven't finished yet! there's this conflict in our sked and we have to get back at it next week. boo-hoo. as for now, i'm busy with uh.. work. and by the way, the unigame 06 will be from october 23 - october 29 so if you've got nothing to do, drop by and watch sports people at their best!

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1) a good 'ol rainy day
2) more sleep
3) photoshop, to start editing!
4) new havaianas!
5) an iPod nano
5) kapatid's new CD






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